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Skipped evaluations result in job losses

Octubre 18
14:08 2015
Mexico City.- As of Friday, some 291 teachers who failed to submit to the diagnostic assessment of the Public Education Secretariat will be permanently dismissed from their teaching positions, since they disobeyed the guidelines laid out in the education reform.
“Those who didn’t attend the assessment, which was less than 1 percent (of teachers) in basic education and less than 3 percent in high schools, are being dismissed. The law declares that assessments are mandatory and those who decide not to present themselves for evaluation will suffer the consequences laid out in the law,” Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño said.
There was a very high teacher attendance for the evaluations: 99.1 percent in basic education and 97.4 percent of high school teachers attended, Nuño said.
Those who do not attend the assessment in November will also be dismissed, Nuño said.
“No one who did the evaluation will be fired or lose any of their employment benefits, on the contrary, the assessment allowed us to know what should be improved and, based on this, provide professional teacher training or continue vocational training,” he said.
Teachers who file appeals against their dismissal will have to go through the legal channels, he said.
With regard to Guerrero Gov. Rogelio Ortega’s pressure be lenient with teachers and pay them for their Oct. 12 absence during the national strike, Nuño reiterated that the pay-docks do not enter into negotiations.