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INE prepares for June election

Abril 08
00:47 2015

The National Electoral Institute (INE) has started production of 87 million electoral ballots that will be used for the election of federal deputies in the June 7 elections.

With the federal and local elections 62 days away, electoral councilmember Arturo Sánchez Gutiérrez reported that the ballots will be produced for the ninth consecutive year by Talleres Gráficos de México. The company will use 600 tons of security paper which makes the ballots impossible to forge.

National Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos, Navy Secretary Vidal Francisco Soberón and Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong were honorary witnesses for the start of the production of ballots for federal deputy elections. Sánchez Gutiérrez clarified that the forgery of electoral material is a crime and should be denounced as such to the Electoral Crimes Prosecution Office (Fepade).

Among other security measures, the ballots have special markings that are only visible under ultraviolet light, they are watermarked and are impossible to photocopy because the light bounces off them.

Each local public electoral organism will print its ballots in those states with elections at the same time as the federal elections.

The electoral councilmember said that besides the ballots, 1.9 million documents without emblems will be printed, together with one million emblems of the registered political parties that will compete in the federal election.

Sánchez Gutiérrez is also the president of the Electoral Training and Organization Committee and said the current elections will include 4,400 party candidates and 22 independent candidates.

The Upper Chamber of the Federal Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF) approved the final design of the electoral ballot on April 1. It is designed to display the exact colors of the political emblems of each party and visual equality among them. He finally said that each electoral ballot will complete a cycle leading to its distribution in one of the 200 electoral districts. The presidents of the polling station directive tables will then return them to the districts, where they will be counted and then destroyed.